Skydome Transit is fully licensed and certified to repair, refurbish and retrofit transit buses and coaches of all types.

Refurbishment can vastly increase the life of your transit vehicle, and interior, exterior and mechanical upgrades leave your vehicle performing and feeling good as new.

We encourage refurbishments when you find problems arising and growing on your transit vehicles, since allowing issues to grow can only compound them in the long run and can lead to more major, dire problems. Of course, heavier and more frequent use of vehicles can result in quicker wear and tear, and it pays to be proactive in diagnosing problems early to avoid undertaking major refurbishments later. Flooring, paint, textiles can rust and decay over time, and restoration of vehicle interiors can have a positive impact on passenger satisfaction.

Timely refurbishment can also save you a lot of money by not waiting until your vehicle degrades to the point of having to sell and replace it, and we can help you identify if the time is right to undertake refurbishment of your transit bus or coach.

Bus Paint service process - skydome transit services